by Naturalist

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"Friends" is an emotive battle and introspective look at Naturalist's foundation as a band. Playing on expressive lyrics and dynamic musicality, the group finds themselves immersed in the recurring thematic accompaniment of heavy guitars ranging to clean rhythmic sections at play with witty expressive lyrics climaxing, relaxing and peaking again until it leaves listeners stranded at a low tide... searching for the place between rest and fury.


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Naturalist Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Naturalist is:

Ashton Prescott
Hunter Amos
Micah Patrick
Nathan Schatzer
Vinnie Moreno

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Track Name: I
My god forgot about me,
I found him in my backyard buried.
He was just trying to get some sleep,
died for me once and his hands are too weak.
My friends and family gave up on me,
I’ll always be the black sheep.
They love “their god” more than they love me,
said I’m just bitter, broken and weak.

They found me passed out in the yard again,
I’ve been wandering around, doing some thinking.
If all I’ve made has gone to waste,
bury me with my own hands and this human race.
Track Name: Wish
I can’t make you stay,
love was something lost along the way.
My home is an open grave,
a house for empty promises you’ve made.
You are the reason I ache.
The consequences for this pain are the pills that take,
all these empty bottles that I’ve drank.
It makes sense that I feel this way,
I find comfort in this mess I’ve made.
Chew me up and swallow, bleed me until I’m hollow.
Letting go is my greatest mistake,
even though you said that you needed space.
I will never be what you want, I will only block out your sun.

You were so good at convincing me that I was never meant to be happy and now my bank account is empty,
I spent it all the moment that you left me.
Take advantage of me, baby,
I know good men come around rarely.
Drain your heart where my love was buried,
we both know it was too much to carry.

Abandonment is dying trend.
You left me on my own again.
Undiagnosed in a hospital bed, dissecting every word you’ve said...

It makes sense that I feel this way,
I cling tight to every word you say.
Took your words as gospel,
I am the liar’s apostle.
Bleed me until I’m dry,
you took the life and light that was in my eyes.
I can never be what you want,
I will only block out your sun.

It’s probably my dad’s fault,
it’s probably the things he said to me when I was 17 and afraid of the thoughts in my mind and what he would say.
It’s when my god gave up on me,
preparing me for another who would leave.
You left a note where you used to sleep,
the only words read
“thanks for nothing”
Track Name: You
I gave my life to the lord when I was a kid,
I haven't figure out what he did with it.
The mud he carved me from was watered down,
I have a hard time keeping it together now.
I'm not ready for a new life,
I'm not done messing up the one I'm in.
I am a product of my own sentiments
and I'm afraid of losing all my friends now.

This is abandonment.
You left me on my own again.
But it's all in my head,
I close my eyes to avoid the sunset.
I self-medicate with nicotine and stress because when I worry,
I know I'm at my best.
And that's why I love you, I guess.
Its tiring caring about myself

I don't know if I'm ready to not be alone,
there's just something about missing someone.
It turns this house into a home,
the reason for the burn in my cigarette smoke.
I was seventeen when I lost my youth.
It's locked up in my childhood bedroom.
I fall in love with everyone I meet,
it's not their fault I feel empty.

It's when I call you at six am,
because I need to go the hospital again.
I can't feel my legs this time, it's serious.
It takes a self-centered man to be this helpless.
The night at the bar when you moved away,
reminded me that my childhood has changed.
Restoring to phone calls to ease the pain,
four hours later and I'll be okay.
I'm still learning how to be happy
without someone else trying to convince me.
It will all work out in the end, they tell me,
the hardest part is in the waiting.

This is me as my whole world is turning.
I gave up on myself, it was an easy way out.
I prayed to God so he could save me.
He never did and that's what scares me.
You said I forgot about the scene.
"Three local shows and now he's touring."
I just needed a change of scenery.
A place where failures wouldn't follow me.
Track Name: Were
I gave up on politics,
we’ve bought our freedom with dollars and cents.
A country founded on religion and sex,
forget the future, remember to speak in present tense.

Mega-churches filled to the brim,
smoke machines wash away the sin.
Write a check while you raise your hands,
it’s not about attendance but invite your friends.

Micro-brews and indie bands,
skinny jeans and hipster trends.
Glorified social-medial sermons,
twenty-two ways to let the devil win.
Love the sinner, hate the sin.
Unless your gay then you will never get in.
I’m just trying to make amends,
hell is no place for me or my friends.

The church gave up on me,
said I wasn’t cut out for the “Jesus-thing”
we have conflicting beliefs,
but they just wanted me to work for free.
The Lord showed up in a business suit,
skinny tie and leather boots.
Forty minutes to promote his new book,
sheep being slaughtered beneath the jaws of wolves.
I’ve worked behind the scenes,
I’ve seen how faith can turn into greed.
Politicians teaching what to believe,
you’ve sold your soul to a marketing scheme.

When I die, do I have to go to heaven?
I don’t know if I can face the ones that I’ve let down.
Do I have to go to heaven? My eyes are open.
Track Name: Here
I quit believing in hell,
you said I’d end up there someday.
It hasn’t worked out so well,
I’ve lost most the friends that I’ve made.
They say that heaven is a place
reserved for those who have faith
but I don’t see it that way
and I’ve exhausted all of your grace.
I still love the Lord,
even though He doesn’t show up anymore.
I fell in love with a girl who taught me to hate this sick, sad world.

Everyone I know left several hours ago,
they’re locked away in their homes,
left me to fend on my own.

Broken bonds and misplaced hatred,
how you sell hope to those less faithless.
Asking them to trust gods they can’t see,
Jesus saves but can’t spend time on me.
Searched for god in different places,
called His name but he hasn’t said shit.
Listened for him but all I only heard me.
Is sin still sin if sins all that we see?

God is the space between the cracks in the pavement,
overgrown with dirt and crumbled cement.
The man I drive by every day,
cardboard sign asking for my spare change.
He lost his job to picketed funerals and hatred,
to pastors corrupting his name upon their pulpits,
wave tore out the Holy Book’s pages regarding love towards the deserted and the faithless.

I’ve got better things to worry about then where I go when I die,
I hear hell in a little orphan’s eye’s,
I see heaven in my younger sister’s eyes.